What People Are Saying

HVDD has received plenty of media attention since its founding in 2011. People want to know if roller derby is just flash and fishnets, or if there’s something more to it. Check out our most recent press coverage—we think you’ll find the answer.

If you want to learn more, attend our next game or recruitment night. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Who knows, you might end up as a die-hard skater, referee, or fan!

Roller Derby Brings Spanish Fork Family Together

For all intents and purposes, Amanda Grosland appears to be the typical, everyday mom. But at night, Grosland unties her teaching apron and laces up her skates before entering a roller rink with the Happy Valley Derby Darlins.


HVDD: Rollin’ Rebellion vs. Daughters of Anarchy

The maiden voyage of the Shove Shack featured the Rollin Rebellion against the Daughters of Anarchy. Royal purple versus punk black, in a sense. As spectators filed in the small warehouse, a definite sense of excitement started filling the air.


Tradition, Spirit, Derby

Better known as “The Hive” among fans and players, the hollowed-out Food 4 Less just off of I-15 hosts the Happy Valley Derby Darlins, Utah County’s first and only roller derby league and second home to BYU student and derby girl Rachel Loose.


More Than a Comeback Story

For Stevoni Doyle, this is a comeback story. Not just a comeback from the PCL injury she suffered in roller derby in September, but from the long-term repercussions of a drug addiction that led to the loss of her children, her freedom and so much more.


Derby Bout Recap: Rollin’ Rebellion vs. DOA

The Daughters of Anarchy are known as “the lawless ladies of HVDD” while the Rollin’ Rebellion skaters are famous for “wreaking havoc on the track.” Sound like a good slice of roller derby? You can bet your skates on it.