While the standard modern English spelling of the word barbecue is, variations such as barbeque and abbreviations such as bar-b-q or BBQ can also be found. The spelling grill is specified as a variant in Merriam-Webster and Oxford Dictionaries. However, contact BBQ authorities and you’ll get a more complicated answer. The North Carolina Barbecue Society spells it with a C, but South Carolina calls it “barbeque,” as does the Kansas City Barbeque Society..

And of course the barbecue (que?) Societies are likely to have a much greater passion for “correct spelling” than linguists. It is comparable to the debate between “Pee-can” and “Poo-Kahn.”. Take a road trip through the big, meaty South and you’ll find as many variations of the noun as there are even hickory smoked joints. And while the two spellings are both considered correct (with identical pronunciations), barbecue just happens to be a bit more correct.

People love barbecue time as they usually associate it with a day off spending with friends, chatting and being comfortable outdoors. But if you take a closer look at the name, that word has caused confusion in recent years. You may have seen the word spell both barbecue and barbecue recently, but which is the correct version? Let’s find out what makes this difference and what is the official form, barbeque vs.. Barbecue barbecue is the officially recognized word that exists in all editions of English dictionaries, even in older ones.. As a noun, it refers to a party where fresh food is prepared outdoors over an open fire.

At the same time, it can also refer to the metal frame used over the fire for outdoor cooking. As a verb, it refers to the actual action of cooking on a grill. Barbeque can generally be considered a spelling mistake. It does not exist in official publications and it is not stated anywhere that it is accepted as another form of grilling.

Besides, it has no other meaning. However, there is an explanation for the confusion and the reason why it occurred. A common abbreviation for barbecue is BBQ, so this could be the source for Barbeque’s q. This is not a solid reason to accept this error as correct form anyway, at least not yet.

Even though many people prefer barbecuing, barbecue is still the most commonly used and only officially recognized form. When do we use barbecue? This form is considered to be the correct one, so you should always use barbecue with the meaning explained above as a noun or verb. there is no situation where it is necessary to use a grill instead of this mold. When do we use grill? Even though it may be considered wrong, barbeque has been used more and more, especially with restaurant menus or food companies. Although it is advisable to avoid this spelling, its use in a food context, such as on a menu, can be considered appropriate and even fancy. Conclusion Barbecue is the traditional and correct spelling, whereas grilling is just a confusion created by the BBQ abbreviation. So whenever you’re in the position to choose between these two forms again, just grill.

Since Barbecue and Barbacoa each contain the letter C, you can use the spelling similarity to remind that grilling is the correct spelling of that word. If you look in Merriam Webster or ÖD, barbecue is listed as the correct spelling. However, barbeque is listed as the rarer variant. It is the Kansas City Barbeque Society and the North Carolina Barbecue Society.

How you would spell grilling or grilling depends on which part of the world you’re in. Most people spell it as a barbecue. However, grill is generally more commonly used in Australia and New Zealand. The most commonly accepted spelling of the word is barbecue, as it most closely resembles the word from which it was derived — barbacòa.

The shorter forms, such as bar-b-q, are just abbreviations that play on the sounds of the syllables be (B) and cue (Q). In today’s English, grilling is the common spelling of the word using different senses, which refers to cooking food over an open fire. It has steadily gained ground over the past few decades, but is still far rarer than crickets overall. Despite the many forms, barbecuing achieved in the late 19th. A significant rise in the 19th century and has remained undisputed ever since..

Conclusion Barbecue is the traditional and correct spelling, whereas barbeque is just a confusion caused by the BBQ abbreviation. Grilling as a noun means a specific type of cooking, in which you hang meat over burning coals on a wooden frame. The word barbecue comes from a term that Taíno Indians used to refer to their wooden cooking structures. Spanish explorers later added it to their own vocabulary via the word Barbacoa. The whig barbecue started first, and no one ate more and carried more ham and barbecue in his basket than Jonas.

A barbeque is a queue formed at a barbecue (noun) to obtain grilled (verb) meat from the grill (noun). Something that may have contributed to the popularization of barbecue spelling could be incorrect etymology that once made the rounds on the Internet and may have pre-dated email hoaxes. Then you’ve imagined yourself correctly, the article says that “grilling is far rarer than “grilling” overall.. Even though many people prefer barbecuing, barbecue still remains the most used and only officially accepted form..

I’ll also show you a useful memory device to help you remind yourself whether grilling or grilling is right.. As a North Carolinian, I’ve always considered “grilling” a preferred spelling, so I have to agree with Mac that it’s a very regional choice.. We have set ourselves the task of finding out what the correct spelling of the word is and what etymology is behind the word barbecue. The origins of the word grilling and grilling can be traced back to the middle of the 17th. They can be traced back to the Taino language, which is spoken by the Arawakan Indians..

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